Reptile Homing Crisis

I have a friend who’s child has many reptiles and will be going to college out of state in about a year. They were planning to go to a nearby college so they could keep their reptiles but that didn’t work out so they have to move out of state. The place they are going to requires you live in a dorm for your first year so they can’t, rent a place and bring their reptiles with them. My friend can’t take care of their child’s reptiles while they’re gone because they do not know a thing about reptiles and really do not like reptiles. They are thinking they may just have to sell their reptiles because they don’t know anyone else who could care for them, including me because I would not be able to take on a large collection that quickly because I am far to busy with other things. What I want to know is is there any sort of person that they could hire to take care of their reptiles long term? I know of some people who will do long term dog or cat sitting, but I’m not sure if those sort of people exist for reptiles. If any of you all know about any companies out there or if you can recommend anyone withing NY state that could do this job, please let me know. I would love to be able to let my friend’s child be able to have his reptiles back after their first year of college and not have to get rid of them permanently.


What kind of reptiles do they have? And what part of New York? I’m in the state and possibly could do it if given details


Sorry, it actually looks like I jumped the gun a bit with this post. Turns out they were already looking at options for housing the snakes and they found a service that will board them for the months that her son is away. So I guess never mind to this topic.


Can you share the service?

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It’s this boarding service called creature comforts. They emailed the person who runs it and they’re able to take care of them for extended periods of time in between breaks and vacations from college.

Here’s creature comforts’ website