Reptile & keeper selfies!

Here I am! Back at it again with all of the for fun post ideas!

Get ready to grab your geckos, snatch those snakes, summon your salamanders, lift them lizards, collect all them creepy crawlies, and say cheese!

'Cause in this post we’re sharing :sparkles: herp selfies.:sparkles:

Any pic will do as long as it is of you and your herps, and it makes you happy. There’s no pressure to participate if you are not comfortable with sharing your face on the forum. If you still want to participate, and you have access to/are pretty comfortable with cellular picture editing, then you are more than welcome to blur out, scribble out, or emoji over your face before posting.

I personally, aspire to have professional pet photos of me and all of my noodle bois one day. So i can hang them on my walls next to my already framed baby sheds and snake pet stroller and tiny hats and show them to unsuspecting acquaintances and bar strangers in my quest to steadily build my reputation as that one crazy snake lady in the neighborhood. (And then eventually make my intro here, lol.) But until then, i love just sharing (and seeing) reptile selfies!

Anyway I’ve had a lot of fun getting to know you all so far. I’m not going to lie, it would be fun to be able to put some faces to names!

As always i will start things off, (because what is a post without pictures??) And let the fun begin!


Me and Willow. Lol she is so sweet to deal with me :rofl:.


Omg y’all are so cute together! I’m beginning to see what you see in sterlings. That patternless look is gorgeous!


Me, and Finnley as a bitty baby last October. Wow, he has grown since then!


Man, I haven’t taken a selfie in ages. So here’s one from one 10 or 11 years ago with a couple of my first corns.


He was sooo cute when he was little!


That’s a really nice picture! And two beautiful corn snakes. I’m not into corns as much as boas and pythons, so i don’t know their combos &stuff near as well. what morphs are those?


Thanks! They are a red factor amel and a butter stripe.


Thank you! He was only 6 months old back then, and such a precious little thing- I took that picture just for fun but now I’m so glad I have pictures of the two of us and showing how small he started out.


Yes, it’s you don’t quite realize it when you have it, but looking back you will start to miss that stage of their life. It’s easy to miss the baby stage of any pets life, but it’s also so easy to take a snakes hatchling phase for granted. My BEL boy turned two last year so he’s no longer a baby, and i remember holding him the day before his second birthday and whining about it like him growing up and no longer being the baby of my collection was an affront to my person.

I look back on those youngin pictures all the time.