Reptile Pet Sitters?

Does anyone know of any reputable pet sitters that cover the Las Vegas NV area? I’ve checked online but have not found any well known organizations that provide reptile sitting. Thank you all for help in advance. Its so hard to find sitters who aren’t dreadfully scared of snakes and lizards LOL.

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Do you have any friends who could look in on them? I’m not sure I’d trust a complete stranger with a collection of snakes and lizards


Sadly everyone I know is either terrified of reptiles or don’t have the experience to trust them with the animals. I know there are Organizations out there that supposedly are licensed to care for reptiles but hard to find I guess because I have not seen any who picked up the phone (called one but no answer).


There is someone that has an exotic pet shop where Exotic Pets of Las Vegas was. Its called Crocodile Reef. I would go there and ask them.


I found my reptile sitter on the Pet Sitters International site. They have a search where you can specify that you’re looking for someone who will work with reptiles.