Reptile Podcasts

I figured it would be nice to put together a list of the currently running reptile podcasts we have available to us.

Morelia Python Radio Network

-Morelia Python Radio - Eric Burke and Owen McIntyre - All things Indonesian and Australian and snakes

-Reptile Fight Club - Justin Julander and Chuck Poland - Debates hot button issues in the hobby

-Colubrid and Colubroid Radio - Dr. Zac Loughman and Matt Most - All things Colubrid (And Colubroid)

-The Monitor Keeping Podcast - Alan Stevens and Khai Phan

-The Australian Herpetoculture Podcast - Jason & Luke - Aussie Herpetoculture with Aussie hosts.

-Carpets and Coffee - Eric Burke, Riley Jimison, and Lucas Lee - Carpet Pythons and everything you need to know about keeping and breeding them

-Strictly Shorties - April Justine - Blood and Short Tail Pythons

-Boas Boas Boas - Warren Booth, Rob Stone, and McPeek

The Herpetoculture Network

-The Herpetoculture Podcast - Justin Smith and Jacob Bratz - Broad spectrum, covers pretty much every aspect of the hobby.

-Snakes and Stogies - Justin Smith and Phil Wolf - Relaxed discourse with guests. Discussion typically begins with Cigar talk and then segues into a reptile related topic

-The Chondro Cast - Justin Smith - Green Tree Pythons and the folks that keep them.

-Corn Stars - Justin Smith and Chris Painschab - Corn snakes and only corn snakes.

-Lizard Brain Radio - Bill Bradley hosts this lizard focused show with guests working with specific genera of lizards!

Reptile Gumbo Network

-Reptile Gumbo Podcast - James Lewis of Simply Serpents and Robert from Lone Star Reptile Racks - NSFW - Light hearted, but still has a lot of serious guests on.

-Pint-Sized Reptile Podcast - James Lewis, Travis Wyman and Jason Miloradovich - Focused on Small Reptile and Amphibian Species.

-In Blue Podcast - Rachel Allen Powers and Heidi Dunlap


Venom Exchange Radio - Phil Wolf and Nipper Read - Newer podcast covering all things venomous

Reptile Talk - Jeremy and Rob (Formerly of NERD) - A bit of everything, typically stays on the lighter side of things.

Reptiles With - Yoshii, Chuckey & Tino -The Reptiles With Podcast is a reptile podcast that covers Repti-Culture with a comedic twist. Covering everything reptile industry/hobby related from breeding projects, conservation, products and more! We aim to give different perspectives on all topics, even the controversial ones.

Snakes and The Fatman - Chris Eaton - NSFW - Mostly Ball Python focused

The Modern Medusa Podcast - Dominique Difalco - Covers a big spectrum of topics. Highlights women in the hobby.

Trap Talk - MJ of MJ Exotics - NSFW - General Reptile Topics

Snake Talk - Dr. Chris Jenkins - Covers a big range of topics stays pretty science focused.

Checking In - Brian Barczyk

Searchable as Reptiles - Brian Kusko and Garrett Hartle - Not your typical reptile podcast. Mostly Garrett and Brian being reflective.

Reptile News Radio - Geoff and Kendra of Puget Sound Pythons discussing the latest reptile news.

Strength in Leos - Evan Woolridge - Focused on leopard geckos; features well known leopard gecko breeders as guests.

The Exotic Pet Collective - Richard Stewart - Inverts, Isopods, Reptiles, and more.

The Animals At Home Podcast - Dillon Perron - General Herp Topics

The Holdback Rack Podcast - Jessica Hare and Jana King - NSFW - Boas, Balls, and Colubrids, disease testing and production focused

So Much Pingle - Mike Pingleton - Field Herping, Ecology, Natural History

Ballsh!t podcast - Sean Bradley- All his podcast stuff is listed under live. He does a live almost every Tuesday and Friday night.

AmphibiCast Podcast - Dan Drobates - AmphibiCast is the Original Amphibian Focused Podcast. Each weekly episode features informative and educational content for hobbyists, naturalists, ecologists, pet enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates frogs, toads and salamanders.

Clutch Conversations by Herp Collectors

Feel free to add any that missed.



Lets link 'em…


There was one glaring omission which I just added…Sorry @t_h_wyman


Lizard Brain Radio is part of THN as well!


nvm I see it on there lol disregard


I may have messed with your ordering here Don, sorry about that but I think I’ve linked all the right places.


Great idea! I know Richard from the Exotics Collective has a podcast but I am not sure how to link it here… I access it from Spotify.


I like the Animals At Home podcast hosted by Dillon Perron. I usually access it through YouTube or Spotify. The guest usually provides a deep dive into their niche within the hobby for the episode. Not limited to reptiles as there are some amphibian and invert episodes I’ve heard, but mainly reptiles. Dillon does a good job at picking the guest’s brain and keeping the conversation flowing.


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There you go @ballornothing, it looks much better. :relaxed:


Thanks Riley!


Should we add content ratings? Some of these do contain a lot of swearing.


I think it would be a good thing to add as a disclaimer.


In Blue Podcast! Rachel Allen Powers and Heidi Dunlap.


No need to apologize LOL


good list, excited for the boas boas boas podcast to drop its first episode


Same, I love boas too.

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Boas, Boas, Boas has a few episodes under it’s belt, I suggest giving it a listen. It’s three men with an immense amount of knowledge and experience so it can be a little heavy to digest so plan to take your time with it if you’re new to boas.


Sweet, I am going to give it a deep dive :wink:

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I didn’t see the Ballsh!t podcast listed.