Reptile quarantine

When a snake comes home is it a must to have paper towels for quarantine or can it be repti carpet

As long as the reptile carpet is new and clean then I don’t see a problem with using it. Just make sure that you are achieving proper temperatures. Quarantine is supposed to be sanitary and separate from your other animals, that is your main concern.

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Long term, no reason you couldn’t do that. If you aren’t treating it for mites right away, I would start it on white paper towels for a few days at least so you can see anything that may crawl off of it. I would even suggest keeping it on paper until the first time it defecates so that you can get an idea whether the stool looks heathy or not.


Repti-carpet harbors bacteria so it is terrible for quarantine. Paper towels work best but if you want aesthetics you can tape a pattern/color/picture under the tank and use the tank substrateless. Repti-carpet can be used long term if cleaned every other week but it is not ideal and it is difficult to clean. For colubrids, long term, substrate is ideal for security (depending on species) and enrichment.


Lol I thought that reptile carpet was like what @ashleyraeanne said you could use (reptile mats)

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There are reptizorb liners which could work. Repti carpet is made up of many tiny loops (like the soft side of velcro). They’re hard to clean, geckos claws can get stuck in it, and feeders can get stuck under it.

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Thanks for clarifying :grin:

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