Reptile Theft

“warning: contains highly addictive ball pythons. Exposure may lead to obsession and spending thousands of $$$ trying to obtain more”


I wish I would have seen a warning like that before I bought my first ball. Lol I was thinking of something like this

I would think most people can’t tell the difference between harmless and not.


Out of curiousity did you ever end up investing in cams to help in the event of future theft? (If this person knows you they may come back for round 2 god forbid)


Yep, all in all I have 4 cameras through out the apartment and it notifies me of movement or noise when I am not there. I doubt even if the person tried to come back they would not be successful because the manager was nice enough to pay out of pocket for my damaged door and there are 2 heavy locks on it as well as the regular one. I also do have a few guns in the event I need to use it for self defense…or if someone were to try and break in while I was home. Oh! forgot to also mention I will be installing a ring doorbell cam just so I can always get a picture or video of whoever came to my door if needed and on top of that my reptile room has a lock of its own now.


I’m glad you got the cameras Nathan. Still sorry about all your loss.


I’m happy you never lost your drive and passion for this hobby during that misfortune man. I know for me it would have been hard to continue on and I commend you for doing so.

And I’m ecstatic you invested in cameras and more security. That’s the number one thing you can do to protect your collection and home. I have cameras and sensors in every entry point, and they definitely hold their value. And like you I’m always armed so worst comes to worst, I have a sidearm for protection. Nice job taking the steps you have to continue on strong.


Cameras are a great investment. Same with the gun if you didn’t have one before. If you can it is always fun to get extra cams to put on your animals so you can see them when not home. I also like to see my thermostats when I travel.

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