Reptiles, After You're Gone

Does anyone have a plan for if an emergency arises, who will take on the responsibility of your animals? Do you have a plan in place incase of short term or long term care? It’s something I think about, I keep a small ledger of basic daily/weekly routines and small details about specific animals and how they are kept. I do not have a long term plan if I were to pass on or become physically unable to care for them,. They would become a burden to my parents and siblings at this point. Thoughts ? Solutions ?


I know I’ve planned on that happening. I think it’s a very good subject many should contemplate if something goes wrong or you suddenly die.
I have a few partners I work with on projects I’d give my animals too. I have a animal “will” written down that documents who would get my reptiles if that was to happen.
Since I work primarily with Retics, and my fiancée really doesn’t like them, I’ve had to make sure they have a good home when I’m gone.

Nice topic to bring up @duckdangerfield, not many people think about that.


Well now that I dont have my childhood pets anymore due to the recent theft I have no need to think about that right now but before the theft I did tell my family if something were to happen that I would want them to keep my childhood pets like my old male ball python and have my bestfriend take my breeders. But since I am just now in the rebuilding process I dont have to think about it much but it is a good topic to think about.

I only have a few ball pythons right now, but I do have plans and a “animal will” written up in the event of my death or something similar. My family is prepared to take my dog, and I have friends who would happily take my ball python collection.


Yes we have an extremely detailed plan about who gets what and how the company assets are to be handled. If I pass on my company will continue and the animals will be cared for just as the always have.


As it happens, this subject is very pertinent to me especially! I have a lot of really weird health problems, and one of the worst doesn’t even have a definitive diagnosis yet :roll_eyes: :triumph: :roll_eyes:. Though none of my issues are the kill-you-right-now kind, they will most likely affect my longevity, so it’s especially prudent for me to have a plan in place for my little munchkins. Though I don’t keep chelonians or anything, many reptiles still can reach pretty impressive lifespans.

I don’t have a large number of animals (under 100 is small, right? :sweat_smile:), so it wasn’t terribly difficult. I have an informal ‘will’ that I initially put together before my most recent surgery, which I gave to my family. They have agreed to honor my wishes and do their best to find my animals homes; they know it is the #1 most important thing to me. I need to update it with new contact info for reptile rescues, now that I think about it. About half of my geckos are geriatric, and I do worry about how hard it would be to find any home at all for most of my guys. At least for me, a “death plan” is pretty simple- I have no reason to write a formal will because I have no real assets (thank you vet school student debt :woman_shrugging:).

I really want a pet turtle, but I am 58 yrs old. I understand most will outlive me. I do have two (of four) kids willing to adopt a turtle. I feel comfortable w both, so I am kinda shopping.

The snakes and lizards are being “co-raised” by my 12 year old, so I know she will happily continue that plan…

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Sorry to raise such a morbid question, but has anyone had any experience with what to with your Reptiles if you should become incapacitated or die? Dogs, cats and Horses have many institutions and charities that that take in animals when their owners pass away. I was wondering if there is any such thing for Reptiles? As a responsible Reptile keeper, I’d like to do the best thing for my animals should the worst happen. Any thoughts?