Reptiles for beginners/intermediate

For monitors maybe, but as adults they will need at least a 6’x2’x4’ enclosure. There are very few monitors that don’t need huge enclosures, dwarf and ackie monitors are some.


Personally I think It really depends on your skill level and if you understand humidity, uvb, temp gradients, varied diets, supplements, ect. I wouldn’t get an animal I don’t really want just because it’s labeled as intermediate. Find a species you have a passion for and do a ton of research, talk to breeders and keepers about theirs, and see if you can find some you can interact with in person.

Mangrove monitors are my favorite monitor species

As far as a more intermediate species goes depending on your space limitations a green tree monitor would probably be pretty sick. Not super huge but a ridiculously awesome animal

My favorite lizards are arboreal and semi aquatic. But my favorite lizard is a collared lizard( are collared lizards intermediate or beginner

I don’t think it makes a huge difference if it’s a beginner or intermediate reptile. If you think you could care for a trickier reptile you could likely make it work (though a large enclosure makes it much easier, and I would avoid difficult and sensitive reptiles for now).

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So I could get a caiman lizard at intermediate level if I care for it good

Technically you could but not many people have the access to the snails needed to feed or have a 300 gallon heated water area also with a huge land area to boot.

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