Reptiles you'd like to breed

I’ll start. Someday I want a table at REXPO with black headed pythons, rough knob tailed geckos, western blue tongue skinks and gillens monitors.

I already breed what I’d love too, Crested Geckos.
Hoping this year my fat tails also breed for me. And in the future Royals.
I’d love a pair of palmetto corns and Kenyan sand boas also down the line, either anery or paradox Albinos.
But I’m all for the Cresties atm :blush:

I love palmetto corns! I’d buy from you down the line, but I’m not in the U.K.


They’re awesome. But there’s other types now, like the hypo palmetto, albino palmetto, snow palmetto and even anery palmetto. And they’re all beautiful…

Blue tongues I love, I like the eastern, but the western has awesome colouration! :star_struck:

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If you’ve ever seen Rare Earth Inc.'s table at the tinley october show 2019, that’s the kind of setup I want to have in the future. here’s a video of it. if the link doesn’t send you to the part of the video where it’s shown, skip to 17:30 Rare Earth Inc. Table

I’ve watched that one!
That is a booth alright, He’s really Gone above and beyond to make his stand out, and that’s what would draw me right to it! Looks Amazing, would be so cool to have one like that! :grin:

Boas is happening to me :rofl:
My first project is a double recessive with a codom


I’d love to be over-run w spotted turtles and Eastern box turtles!

Sadly, both of those are illegal here cause they’re native to my state :sob:

Mine too (NH). But, a man’s gotta dream!

I agree. I dream about getting a lace monitor, but I don’t think I’m ready for a lizard over 3 feet.

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With those claws and that bite force :rofl:

They’re cuddle bunnies, what you on about? :thinking::laughing:

I will take my chances with 4 inch claws

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Scratches of love…

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Something I’ve always wanted to get into but never did are leopard geckos. Bright colors and vast assortment of mutations combinations. One day maybe!

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Definitely one of the candoia boas, but I’m waiting until I have more space before I venture into other species.

Reticulated python’s if they were legal here in Florida

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they arent?

Damn no! Why! Too big? And could live happily if people let them free?….

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