Repurposing aqaurium fake plants (silk/soft plastic)

I was looking to add some more enrichment to my girls enclosure.

Has anyone repurposed fish/water safe plastic or silk aquarium plants (larger ones)?

So I did use the google machine and found mostly positive info on using it. I checked and the plants are not sharp, and ill have to clean them here and there. I just wanted to give her more hides and more things blocking the “outside” view of her . What do you think, she now has 3 more "hideable areas and way less “open space”


This looks great! Anything you can sanitize is probably fine, so long as plastics are not in the Hot Spots, of course.
I often browse Aquarium decor for ideas, or even pieces I might use, because a lot of stuff that’s safe for fishtanks is safe for snakes if you make sure it hasn’t got places they can get stuck or whatever.

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Ya I dont have them directly under the hotspots and I am checking the surface temp of any leaves near it. I had them in a Discus tank that was at 85 degrees so not too worried about it. I did disinfect and clean the heck out of them before putting them in. She has already come out and checked things out, she seems more exploratory now.

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Some of the plants for aquariums can have wire holding them to the base.
They should be fine but if they start to wear and the wire starts to become exposed, trash them immediately.