Request for Analytics Over Past Sales

I notice that when looking at past sales on MM there is stuff from way back in the beginning that still shows up. Is there a way the marketplace could sort sales info more recently to make it easier to track how different combos have become more/less popular purchases and/or how value has changed over the most recent year, 2 years etc? Seeing a “sold” entry from 2014 may be interesting to look at but doesn’t really give me anything to go on now. Hope this question makes sense. Can we make sales data more current is basically it.

Like at the end of this year I’d like to have access to data from MM sales that can tell me what some of the new most popular or fastest growing morphs were, what rose and fell in average sale price, etc.

How it is now there’s a way to get SOME of that but only by pouring through page after page and painstakingly writing info down.

Yes, the term we use for this is “analytics”. We understand that it would be very valuable to sellers buyers, sellers, and all hobbyists to expose summary data around what’s trending, being searched for, selling, price changes, etc.

It’s on our long list of things to work on.


Everyone’s favorite term nowadays even when it doesn’t apply lol.

But yeah I am not a seller but I would think it would be helpful for both buyers and sellers alike. Some guys that have huge volume might not need to reference outside data but for most of us it would be one of the most helpful features you could add. Thanks!

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