Request for help in confirming my boy morph

This is my boy Levi. Please help me identify his morph. The breeder said it is a RAPTOR (online calculators confirmed he is RAPTOR het Blizzard) but I would like to make sure and know the exact morph :slight_smile:

Mom: Tremper Albino het. Eclipse
Dad: Blizzard het. Tremper Albino het. Eclipse

Im quite sure he is RAPTOR from my observations but I am newbie, so would be very grateful for advice from experienced breeders.

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@erie-herps @armiyana @ghoulishcresties

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Oh, wow yeah that’s actually a really nice looking RAPTOR. While it doesn’t look like he has the two solid Eclipse gene eyes, I can see the snake eye on his right in the photos here. He has such pale markings on his back, I’m pretty sure he’s going to stay nice and have that super hypo look with no spotting.

And yes, if his dad was blizzard, he will be het blizzard.


Thank you very much for an answer :smiley:

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