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Current information
Species: Pantherophis guttatus (Corn Snake)

Name of Gene: Peach

Genetics Type (Incdom/Codom/Recessive/Polygenic/etc):
Incompletely Dominant. Heterozygous animals do visibly display the trait. Homozygous animals display it to a greater degree, although it is easier to see with morphs that possess less than normal or no melanin.

In complex with other genes?: No

Other names/aliases for it?: Peach Hypo; Peach Phase; Mystery Line Hypo

Description: A wash of peach color over the whole body. This begins at the head of the snake and continues over the body, dorsally and on the ventrum. Homozygous animals appear to display more intensely peachy tones.

Other History: This gene appears to have first appeared in the collection of Rich Zuchowski of Serpenco. It was originally thought to be a form of Hypomelanistic Type A. Rich Zuchowski sold the snakes with this gene to Vinny Ritchie, who raised and bred one individual to an adult homozygous for Hypo (among other things), and was surprised when the pair produced some non-Hypo offspring, suggesting that a mutation other than Hypo A was present. Several hatchlings were distinctly bright and colorful but were mistakenly believed to simply be very pretty “normals”. It’s now understood that these snakes carried the Peach gene. Rich Hume purchased some of these “bright normal” (actually Peach) babies, raised them, and bred them together. These individuals were the origin of Corn Snakes that now carry the Peach gene.

Disagreement or Controversy: References here on the community:
There was initial confusion about what exactly this mutation was, as is true when anything new appears. Here are a couple of links to community information on Peach. Peach is generally accepted within the corn snake community as of this date.

PEACH the “Mystery Hypo” - Corn Snake Morph Deep Dive #15 - YouTube

Other(if something not listed above, please use this section to explain what and why you would like changed):
Peach has been recognized within the corn snake community for a number of years. Ads here on MorphMarket within the past few years for snakes with this mutation have often stated something like “visual Peach,” “heterozygous Peach,” though some simply indicate “Peach.” Recent examples include these ads:


I’m the one who purchased the visual het peach hypo lavender masque het diffused 50% het amel! The breeder (OMG snakes!) held him and a few of his siblings back to study the peach gene. Here is all the posts of him on their tumblr OMG, Snakes! (Posts tagged Crotchmonitor) (yes the breeder name him crotchmonitor and I kept it) and here are some close-ups of him and his siblings (all varying combinations of het peach, hypo, and lavender) OMG, Snakes! — Top left: Fedgewick, a Hypo Lavender Masque Top... and here is the posts on his visual het peach sibling OMG, Snakes! (Posts tagged Thrundle)

I’m not a big corn person so I unfortunately can’t help with much, I just wanted to get a pretty pet corn. I’m happy to share what I can though to help others!


I thought I would just jump in here and vouch for Peach being a mutation. Incomplete dominant hypo type that adds peachy undertones to the ground color. I’ve had them, I’ve bred them, I second (or 3rd?) making this a mutation to list.


One more thing - The video linked will be privated as I have made an updated version, here is a link to that. same information, just more photos and better edits to reduce time.


Thank you, Sarah! I truly appreciate your expert knowledge being added here. !'m very much hoping that Peach will soon be officially added here at MorphMarket. Thanks again for what you’ve shared! :heart:


@eaglereptiles, do you have any idea when this will be added? I don’t mean to be a pest about it, just staying hopeful. Thanks, as always.


Honestly, you couldn’t be a pest even if you tried Caryl! :blush:

I can’t give an exact timeframe. I really wish I could get it out asap for you, but its not as simple as it seems from the outside.

We store traits extremely deep in the sites “brain”, and while it is as simple of a few lines of code per new trait, they are stored in a way that a slight error could be very hard to clean up, so we need to also QA the site after each run. Traits are connected to a lot of areas of the site that could go wrong.

This is a process we will work on improving, but it’s at least a few days work for one of our top devs, whos time is really tight at the moment with all of the planned features we have coming up.

With that said, I will get bugging them to get on it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You’re too kind. Truly. I know of a couple high school principals and lots of former students (and possibly one husband) who would emphatically disagree! :rofl:

That makes sense. Well, at least it’s good to know it will happen. Thanks again.

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