Request to add new gene - Bambino Ball Python - [DONE]

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Species: Ball Python
Name of Gene: Bambino
First produced by whom: Millz Thakkar - Reptile Pit
Year First Produced: 2019
Genetics Type (Incdom/Codom/Recessive/Polygenic/etc): Incdom
In complex with other genes?: Unknown
Other names/aliases for it?: Bambino
The original male has a rich chocolate dark background which fades from dark brown on the top of the dorsal to light tan towards the belly. This is a heavily pixelated morph with crazy pixelated alien heads and a broken dorsal stripe.

Appearance; What it does/looks like?

  • Head: Runs from dark brown on tip of nose, running into lighter brown as it moves down to the speckled neck
  • Body: Heavily pixelated with a dark background colour, broken or speckled dorsal stripe (depending on pairing e.g. heavy speckling on the Bambino Vanilla het Clown and Bambino Phantom Yellowbelly) with heavy blushing running up the side between the pixels
  • Belly: Clear with speckling along the tram lines
  • Tail: Dorsal stripe on tail and underside has some speckling

Proven Lines:
Related Genes: Nothing we know of

Proven: To what degree it is proven out to not just be polygenic? It’s not polygenic as we’ve produced several different combinations and also produced offspring from second generation Bambinos too
Unique: Why do you believe this is a new morph and not an existing one? The original male was found for me in Africa in 2012 and from my research, although there may be slight similarities with granite type genes, the Bambino is more pixelated and has delivered different results when paired with other morphs.

Problems: Any problems? None
History: The history behind its discovery? I purchased the original male from Africa, it appeared very different from anything seen previously. I paired him with a Purple Passion Yellowbelly in 2019 as he was not receptive to breeding prior to this, being a wild caught specimen. That produced Bambino Phantoms, Bambino Mojaves, Bambino Phantom Yellowbelly and Bambino Mojave Yellowbelly. The next breeding of this male was to a Fire Clown and this produced Bambino het Clowns and Bambino Fire het Clowns. This was the Fire Clown female’s first pairing and I didn’t realise she was carrying another gene and all the babies came out very different/funky looking.

The next pairing for this male was to Phantom Pin which produced Bambino Phantoms, Bambino Pinstripes and Bambino Phantom Pinstripes. Since then we have produced many other exciting Bambino combos. Next year we are hoping to find out if there is a super form of this gene in 2024

Original Bambino Male from Africa

Bambino Fire het Clown

Bambino het Clown

Bambino Mojave Yellowbelly

Bambino Phantom Yellowbelly

Bambino Phantom Pinstripe

Bambino Blackhead R&R het Hypo

Bambino Vanilla het Clown

Bambino Hurricane

Disagreement or Controversy: None
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That Bambino Mojave yb is awesome looking. Do you have any offspring from other YB complex genes? It almost gives it a freeway look but more busy.


Thank you very much. I have a Bambino Phantom Yellowbelly and I believe we have a Bambino Yellowbelly and a Bambino Phantom Leopard Yellowbelly.


Really cool! It kinda looks similar to a super carbon! Is there a super form? The bambino, phantom, pin looks very monsoon like! I am liking this morph!


To my VERY amateur eye, that Bambino Phantom Pinstripe gives Monsoon-like vibes and I love it!


Ok DID WE JUST HAVE A MOMENT? Exact same comment? Wow, that was really cool!

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Thank you for your comments. The difference between Bambino and Monsoon is that Monsoon is recessive and at the moment Bambino is an incomplete dom.


Yes we did! Now I know it definitely is visually similar to monsoon, since we both had the first thought on it!:rofl:


Of course genetically it is completely different, just looks so pixilated and busy reminds me of seeing monsoon for the first time! I am dying to know if there is a visual super form of this awesome incomplete dominant morph?!


We are working on the super form and should have results next year :crossed_fingers:


Hey @reptilepit

This is a super nice trait, but I have concerns about its name.

Bambino to me instantly makes my mind go to Bamboo+Albino:

Is Bambino a set in stone choice?


LOL, I didn’t even think of that…probably because I grew up in a heavily Italian decent population area XD

That is a good catch.


@eaglereptiles I have been following this gene since 2020 I believe. The name is not catchy at all, but that’s been the name from the very beginning and you’re so far the only one I’ve ever heard say “I think of Bamboo and Albino” for this snake ha-ha. The price for one is crazy though; about the same price as the newly priced-out Tornado gene.


I instantly thought it meant bamboo albino also, might not serve the marketing of the gene best to be potentially misunderstood.


Marketplace tag on the way

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