Request: Vacation or Out of Office message

I had this thought while on vacation earlier this week. It would be nice to implement an automated custom message for being on Vacation or “Out of Office” I got bombarded with inquiries on the first day on vacation and I was thinking that it would be great if I didn’t have to type out the same response every time.


That’s a a great idea! I think being able to set an automatic away message would be great for people who are traveling/experiencing a family emergency/don’t have computer acess for a bit or anything like that is a great way to reassure buyers that they aren’t being ignored or brushed off, you’re just temporarily unavailable.


I am not a breeder but I do think this is a really good idea! @eaglereptiles what do you think? Would make everything a little easier for the breeder and wouldn’t lead to discouraged buyers.


We got you covered :blush:Setting Seller-Away Status - MorphMarket Support Center

Setting Seller-Away Status

You can enable Away Status on your Store Profile page along with a custom message. This is appropriate for circumstances such as when you are traveling or due to prolonged weather conditions preventing shipping. Away Status has the following effects:

  • When a user inquires on your ad, they are informed you are away and to expect delayed response times. They are also shown your custom message.
  • You will receive inquiries like usual during this period, but we won’t send you any reminders.
  • Inquiries you receive during this time period will not be factored into your responsiveness score.

To enable this, head over to your Seller Profile, from the Account Settings option on the menu.

And then scroll down to the bottom and tap “More Settings”, which will open up the full list of Store Settings.

At the bottom you will find a section named “Inquiry Settings”, which is where you can set your Away Status.



Thank you! I hadn’t realized that this feature has already been implemented. To be honest, I didn’t dig around the account settings all that much.