Rescue Gecko Identification?

Hi! So I rescued this gecko about a month ago and was told he was a blizzard, but he definitely doesn’t look like one. Anyone know what morph he could be?


I’m thinking blizzard or RAPTOR White & Yellow.

I was thinking a raptor as well. White and yellow or a snow? I don’t know that much about Leo’s my son owns one though and she is a raptor white and yellow.

I was deciding, I think it could be either W & Y or a line-bred Snow in addition to RAPTOR. I don’t think it would be a mendelian inheritance snow because of the lighter spots rather than black spots. It could be a very light Gem Snow but I don’t think so.

That looks like a snow raptor but it is not a blizzard. Did you get any other info when you got the Leo?

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Is he shaky or does he sway when he moves around? Does he sometimes miss when he strikes for food?

Assuming you’re not going to use a rescue for breeding, at this point, you’ll never know if it’s a Mack Snow. There is also no way to know which strain of albino it is, so you cannot know if it’s a Raptor or Radar or Typhoon. The only things you can be sure of are Albino (unknown strain) and Eclipse (with a very very low possibility of Marble Eye instead of Eclipse).

It has a pattern so it’s not a Blizzard. The pattern is modified- abnormal and irregular- while this could be solely due to the Eclipse, I suspect Enigma or W & Y. If it has any neuro problems than it’s probably safe to assume it is either Enigma or W & Y.

(edit: I was tired and wrote an incorrect morph at first.)


I think Raptor, Engima, maybe Mack Snow.