Rescue Leopard Gecko ID

Hey all! I have a friend who had a 3 year old leopard gecko surrendered to him recently. I’m doing my best to help him out, but figured it would be a good idea to post the image I have of him here.

He was kept in a hamster cage his whole life and fed baby formula. An obvious adoption of a pet without knowledge or research beforehand. We’re glad he was surrendered before it could get any worse.

As of right now, he has been tested for parasites and has no parasites! Woo!

He’s both eaten and drank without regurgitation. And he’s gotten all of his stuck shed off as of today (had multiple layers on him). He’s currently living in a small tub with paper towel substrate with a humid hide and a clean water dish.

It would be nice to get a possible ID on him, though it’s not of the utmost importance seeing he will never be bred, and will always be a pet only animal. Will update this as time goes by to show how far along he’s gotten. Wish us luck!


Not sure on ID, but I’ll have the little guy in my thoughts :pleading_face: :heart: keep us updated


One of the three strains of albino (they cannot reliably be differentiated visually). Banded. Also a cutie pie!! :hugs:


Do you have an update?

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I do!

Butters has made a significant improvement, and has found a good forever home with a responsible owner. He’s running around after insects now and is getting all the vitamins he needs.

He is still slightly underweight, but nothing like before. The little bend in his tail doesn’t bother him any either. He’s had another good shed as well. Butters is 100% going to make it and has recovered immensely!


I love happy endings!!



Yay!! That’s so awesome, I love full recoveries and happy endings!


Is he under UV?
Eye shots would determine what looks like a Tremper mack tbh