Rescue might not be so normal

I rescued two BPs on my birthday last month from my coworker, and I know the younger one is a normal but my older girl is a bit harder for me to tell. I’ve seen morphs look more like normals as they age, and I know normals have a wide variety. I’m not an expert since I prefer to work with morphs and not normals- what do you guys think? I’m sure she could be a normal but I want some opinions! Also believe she’s 4+ years old, since she has some big heat pits as my breeder friend mentioned. She has green/gold eyes which really put me off since the other normal has near black eyes.

Please don’t mind the scars- they were housed together and she has rat and burn scars as far as I know. Both were severely dehydrated (they drank for 15 minutes the minute I put them in quarantine bins) and starved. They’re both happily housed separate and gaining weight slowly!


Personally I’m just seeing normal, but maybe someone else will see something


I agree with @chesterhf on this one. I could be wrong but I just seem a slightly brighter normal. Beautiful either way but I’m just not seeing anything eye catching that would make them a morph.

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That’s what I was thinking. They’re pretty bright, with a yellowish blushing in the markings starting at the belly

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