Rescued Eastern Garter Transformation!

Hey everyone! I wanted to take a minute to show off my only pet snake amongst my swath of frogs: Nubby! I adopted her locally this year thanks to MorphMarket and wanted to give thanks by showing her off :slight_smile:

Nubby is an Eastern garter that unfortunately had a rough go of it. She was found stuck to the wheel of a dumpster by one of my fellow local rehabilitators; some sicko had tied fishing line to her tail which went necrotic. Being a female saved her life, and after a successful amputation just below the vent, Nubby is healing remarkably well & has a new lease on life!

I made her a 48” x 16” x 16 custom bioactive enclosure and she absolutely loves it. Possibly may be the world’s first arboreal garter snake :laughing:
Now show us your garter snakes!


Aw, poor girl. I’m so glad someone saved her and gave her such a nice home. She’s lovely!


That is such an awesome story! Her tail nub looks great. I hadn’t thought about the influence of sex on tail amputations before. :nerd_face: I love happy endings! :smiley:


Thank you! I didn’t even consider that either until the previous owner mentioned it. Crazy to think how lucky she was.

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