Rescued these two- morph ID help

I just rescued these two beauties and was wondering if anyone could tell me the visual morphs if any.


Hey, they look like normals. What colour are their nails and eyes? If they have white nails, no brown stripe, then they are hypos. If they have black eyes then are are trans if not then normals.

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all I can say the first one is a “red” which is not really a morph more so a color variation

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You may need to wait it out and get them a bit chunky and happy first as well. They honestly just look like a normal and a normal with some red color, but they should brighten up and look a bit better after they’re rehydrated and have some full bellies with the right vitamins and such.

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Ty all. The little ones nails are dark. The red/orange has clear nails.

Any chance of telling gender yet?

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Ok so the orange one is a hypo. That’s the only true morph, colours are just variations, high red, citrus etc. The best to tell sex is to lift the tail and look above the vent, sometime you can see straight off, males with have two lumps either side and a female with have just a lump in the centre. If you can see with the naked eye you can shine a torch through the base of the tail, and you should be able to see either two lumps or the one lump.

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Thanks. They are girls.
Learn somethimg new every day.

Had someone drop off another beardy. I wasn’t home so dont know who did it. This one can barely move and is so thin. I’m feeding it baby food sweet potato, green beans and peas with some fresh collard greens and mushed up canned chicken, crickets, and . I’ve been thinking about giving it one, or two, day old mice. Can they have baby mice?

Bloody irresponsible people!!!

I would get some repsashy superfood and use that. It’s got loads of vitamins and it will go down easier, you can make the consistency quite soft so it easier for them to eat and if they won’t eat it make it more runny and syringe feed. Once he/she has gained a few grams and is moving around I’d start on the live food. As it’s only a baby I wouldn’t bother with the veg, and reintroduce once he/she’s back to full health. Give them a warm soak, as well.


I will say they look a bit young to sex so it might be a while before you can be 100%

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The one that got dropped off has a body lenght of about 7 to 9 inches and tail lenght of 5 to 7 inches. Im guessing shes about 1 yr old. I mash up the crickets and spread them on bits of collard green. She does go after meal and super worms I put in with her collard greens. I mush the crickets and chicken with a bit of Pedialyte and alternate a small pinch of reptivite and reptical w/D3 once a day.

I live just outside of town in a camper so we dont have electricity at this time. I take the beardies outside every sunny day and every dry cloudy day. At night they go into hard plastic totes and snug in our sleeping bags with us so they stay warm. A digital thermometer put in the totes with them (along with water and leaf lettuce salad.) Reads on average 85 F to 90 F. Im hoping before it gets too cold outside I can get into a camper space with electric hook up.


I can tell you are a compassionate individual and that you care about the well being of these animals. With that in mind, I have to be completely honest with you and tell you that, because of your current living situation, you are not equipped to properly care for these animals long-term. The best thing you can do for them is to find someone that can provide a consistent stable environment for them. I do not say this to try and take away from your compassion. It is just that, at this time for you, their needs are simply outside of your ability to provide


Ty for your thoughts I really appreciate it. A friend of mine just bought her own place and said I could use a room in her house. We have been friends for years and she knows how much I love to help animals. As the rescues get healthy she will help me find good pet only homes for them. Any advise on applications and aspects of finding good homes would be appreciated.

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Is it possible to confuse a 6 month beardy with one a lot older?

I’m wondering if the gentleman is really old and not have MBD.

He doesnt hunt his food or drink from a dish but he will eat if I touch his mouth with a bug or veggies and drink when I put a drop of water on his tongue. He will also lick baby food off a spoon. Been giving him the single veggie or fruit pureed baby food once a day.

He gets. His greens in the mornings, bugs in the afternoons and baby food in the evenings. With each meal he gets 1/2 teaspoon unflavored pedialite and 1 teaspoon water. He does pretty good licking from a spoon so he decides how much water he gets each meal.

Is there a way to tell a beardie’s age?

I have a vet visit scheduled for the 7 th of Oct.

Meet Miracle. We thought he was a she at first but he is definately a he.
Still going to keep the name, it’s a miracle he didn’t die of malnutrition he was so thin top to bottom that three slices of thick bologna were almost thicker than him.

Now he’s almost 1 inch thick and starting to lift his chest a little bit. He has the strength now to close his mouth all the way and he is able to army crawl about a foot before he is tired. He wasnt able to move around when I first got him.

THANK YOU ALL for your advice. He is my first serious rescue. Others were healthy when I got them. I’m hoping to be able to help more like Miracle in the future.


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Definetely looks like an older beardie who was probably so malnourished he was stunted to the smaller size. Judging by the bow and swollen looking wrist area in the front leg towards the camera, I’m pretty sure he has/had MBD. The crawl is probably also due to the bone issues. I’ve seen a few leopard geckos get this bad where the front legs are permanently bowed and they can’t quite lift themselves properly.
He has a little bit of the malformation on the tip of the nose I see in them sometimes as well. Or at least it’s usually a toss up between MBD or an infection.

I’m glad you got a vet appointment scheduled for him.
If you haven’t already, make sure you get some good reptile vits and calcium in him. If he’s picky about it, what I’ve done for nursing a few geckos over the years was just mix a bit of the powder in some water and give a drop or two in the morning with an eyedropper to the lips and they usually would lick it off. Just to jumpstart him a bit until the vet sees him. Bring the vits with you so the vet knows what it is too


Ty. I have reptical w/o d3, and reptivite. I read an article that said it was ok to give both at the same time so I mixed a bit of each in water and have been giving him 5 ml once a day. A lot of it as he’s licking spills down his chin. I also give him a warm soak daily to help me keep him clean. He seems to enjoy it. I have a small rock he rests his head on and use a soft toothbrush to get all the food bits I miss from wiping his chin down after he eats. Then i use the toothbrush and gently rub his back like a massage.

Maybe I spoil him too much but knowing what he went through these last 6 months I think he deserves it.

Our home is a forever home. Once an animal comes to us they are guaranteed to have a happy home for the rest of their lives, either with us or a good home with someone else. We live in a small town and hubby knows just about everyone since he grew up here and has lived most of his 70 years here.


It’s certainly possible that he’s older than his size would suggest. His growth could have been stunted from malnutrition. Regardless of his age, it definitely looks like he has MBD. The bowing of his front legs, the swelling and asymmetry at the base of his tail, and the deformation/under bite of his mouth/jaw are all signs of pretty advanced MBD. It’s good he’ll be getting checked out by a vet, just to make sure there’s nothing else going on (and to treat any additional issues that may be discovered). Hopefully he doesn’t have any parasites or infections, but with how rough he’s had it, you never know.

Poor guy. :frowning: His colouring is really beautiful. I’m glad he finally found his way to someone who will give him the love and TLC he needs and deserves!


yeah he could def a be an older beardie he looks like MBD and malnurishment

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Update: His vet visit went well. Weight 240g , definate MBD. Although he could move around his spine is very flimsy (it felt like picking up an overly wet noodle).
Dr. Gave us liquid Calcium and D³.

Unfortunately he passed the next night. Not sure when, went to bed with him on my chest like normal and woke up when I had to go to the bathroom about 5 am. He was still on my chest and cold to the touch with no breathing ( waited and watched for 5 minutes) no responses and mouth able to be opened extremely easily.

I am thinking the stress from an 11 hour trip was too much. Although he had been more active all day and seemed fine.

He is now in the forest in back of our place.
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