Resealing PVC Cage

Hey all,

Does anyone have experience resealing a used PVC enclosure? I recently picked up 3 used PVC enclosures that housed boas. The original silicone looks like it was applied very thin and I’m pretty sure the seal is no longer good judging by the urate stain/build up on the roof and ceiling of the two enclosures that were on the bottom of the stack. :face_vomiting:

Anyway, first time doing this and so far removing the old silicone with a caulking tool is proving be tedious and not all that effective. I tried youtube and all the videos were for removing caulking from around a tub or window. I’m a little hesistant to use WD-40 like my google results say since an animal will be living in these at some point. I’ve already given them one good wash just to get them clean enough to work on. I’m realizing they will probably need another good wash when I’m done resealing and the new silicone has cured. Any tips for getting all the old silicone removed so the new stuff actually adheres properly?

Thanks for the assistance!


How is the cage held together?

Honestly, the best way to really seal a cage is to run the bead inside the joint. So my advice would be to (making the assumption of screws) unscrew the bottom and sides, use a razor blade (a shavette offers better control if you want to invest a few bucks) to remove the old silicone, rub everything down with rubbing alcohol to get a clean surface, lay a new bead on the contact area of every join, and screw the unit back together. When you screw it together the excess silicone will squeeze out of the joint and you run your - preferably gloved - finger over it to complete the seal on the inside and either wipe off the excess on the outside or let the outside excess dry and then cut it free


Yes, screwed together. I actually thought about taking it apart entirely and then removing the silicone. I was hoping there would be a less labor intensive solution. :joy:

Oh well, this is probably for the best to make sure the old silicone is removed entirely and it is sealed properly going forward.


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