Researching story on crested geckos

Hello. I’m researching a potential story on crested geckos for The New York Times. Please tell me what you love about them. If you’re a breeder, please let me know if you’re willing to be interviewed.

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There goofy personalities are what come to mind. Along with there ease of care, small housing requirements, the wide variety of morphs and traits, and their derpy looks all make me love cresties so much.


Their underdog story is really cool. Going from being extinct (a colony was rediscovered in New Caledonia in the 90s) to being one of the most popular pet reptiles in the world is impressive.

Additionally, they are true characters. While I try not to anthropomorphise, some have very unique behaviors and personalities. They’re truly wonderful to keep and breed, but its sad to see how many are not cared for properly.

Their colorations are also pretty amazing, here are a few of my crested geckos.



I have to agree with what other people have said. I’ve had several over the last two years, and none of them have been alike. I’ve had super calm and sweet guys to some that have been unnaturally mean (Big old gal who bit) and just crazy. I love them, and while I haven’t yet had my own hatchlings, this is the first year I’m breeding them.

I have to second the underdog story! Pretty sure the researcher found out they in fact were not extinct by one falling on his head I could be wrong about that but I remember someone telling me that’s how it happened.

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So curious what you’re researching?

I’m a crested gecko breeder, guru, encyclopaedia… just obsessed with them! So happy to help with anything you need to know :grin:

Also I love everything about them, there’s nothing to dislike :joy::black_heart:

Feel free to tell me about them too lol. I love hearing about this goofy little goobers :joy:

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