Response time during breeding season

Hey there! I’m new to this site and to the hobby. Is it normal to expect extended reply times during breeding season?

I sent a seller a message about 5 days ago and it has been left on “seen”. While I’m not in a hurry, it feels like quite some time to wait for a response. Normal or no?


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It totally depends. Breeders will usually be busier during breeding season because they are trying to pair and monitor their snakes. It all depends on the breeder, small breeders might just allot a certain time for snake-related things, a large breeder might have a team of people that can respond in minutes. They could also be out of town or have been busy for various other reasons. For me personally I think about 7-10 days is a good time until an update.

Got it - I figured it might just be a crazy time of year. Thank you kindly for your response. It is much appreciated!