Rest easy Brian

Brian was and still is an inspiration to so many in this community. Without him, I doubt the reptile community would be even half the size it is today. He was such an important part of our community and he will be deeply missed. Brain is the most impactful loss this community has had since the death of Steve Erwin. There hasn’t been any confirmation on if he has passed but he is either in the last few days or has passed on. It is so sad he wouldn’t be able to see the completion of the LegaSea but at least he has peace knowing that his dream is so close to opening. I hope he enjoys/enjoyed his last few days with family and loved ones. Thank you for everything you have done for this hobby and inspiring so many. We all love you Brian and you are a hero to so, so many.


I haven’t kept up with anything on social/youtube for the last few years, but cancers always hard. My wife works with cancer patients for her job, and cancers just such a scary thing. It never gets easy, and seeing how rapidly things like this can take control and take someone away is hard. There’s lucky ones of course, where treatments work, or where they are able to get it removed, but it’s always scary. It’s something I’d never wish on anyone, period.


Amen Nathan! And the sad reality is that it also affects our pets as well. I had 2 Yorkies that had it. One of them could tolerate chemo which gave him 2 more years of life and we lost him when he was 15. The other one could not tolerate chemo and we lost him at age 14. Our poodle had cancer and we we did not know it until she passed at 18.

And of course reptiles as well as most other animals can be affected by cancer.

The “C” Word is a very bad word……:disappointed:


I just watched this video and it was sooooo heartbreaking. :disappointed::cry:


Oh man, that sucks. :cry: My grandfather died of pancreatic cancer, so as soon as I heard about Brian’s diagnosis, I knew his long-term prognosis was probably pretty bleak. I still hoped that he might beat the odds, given that there are now treatments that didn’t exist 15 years ago when my grandfather was diagnosed. I’m sorry to hear that wasn’t the case, and that he won’t be able to see the opening of the new aquarium.

My heart goes out to his family. Cancer sucks.


I just saw that video about an hour ago​:confused: he was such a great influence to me and many other people. I learned so much from him and I will definitely miss seeing him in his new videos. Rest in peace Brian :heart:


I watched the video when it was posted, and it brought me to tears.

His videos are what got me into breeding snakes, particularly ball pythons because I didn’t know breeding snakes was a thing nor did I know there were so many ball python morphs when I got my first snake, Delta!

Brian made such a big difference in the hobby, it’s heartbreaking seeing him like that. I don’t even have the words, really.

Rest in peace, Brian. You are wonderful and always will be. :heart:


There’s no good way to have cancer, not for humans, not for any creatures. I am so sorry for Brian’s family and friends. He’s been a good influence for so many. I know that he’ll be missed. I will say prayers for the grieving.


According to an announcement on his page, Brian has now passed. Reproduced in screenshots below for those without FB: