Retained sperm

I was just wondering whether once a girl lays, is it possible for her to still retain any sperm the following year?
I had a split clutch earlier this year and was thinking that if she retained any sperm that would be really confusing next year and I would have to take this into account when pairing.
Hope that makes sense lol

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I have read that they can, but the chances of good eggs from retained sperm is a lot lower.

“sperm retention | Reptiles Canada Forums”

“Secrets of sperm-storing female snakes revealed - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)” - claims a rattlesnake gave birth after 5 years alone.

“Keys to Successfully Breeding Ball Pythons by xyzReptiles” with royal pythons being observed retaining for up to 9 months.

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It certainly can happen. I have seen it happen myself.