Retic Locality Help

This girl’s my first retic so I don’t know much about the localities. Can anyone ID her locale based on these pics? I know the pics are a bit sucky and I should post belly pictures also (I’m on my phone at work at moment…The good pics are on my home desktop). The original owner did not know her locality…All I was told is that she’s a Dwarf/Super Dwarf (50% Dwarf 31% Super…I don’t really know if thats correct…Since it leaves the other 19% in the air). I was told parents were 8-9 Feet (but I assume thats just what they were told when they got her as a baby). It was born March 2018. Any help Identifying locale would be great…Thanks.

The tiny bit of shed on top of her head has disappeared since I took the pics. The girl is super sweet and was originally a pet.


From what I can see in the pics, she shows a pretty good Jampea influence for the Dwarf local. Definitely not Selayer, Tombolongan but maaaybe Kayuadi. The color, saddles and side rosettes are off for those.

And I’m not seeing Kalatoa for the Super Dwarf influence unless she is a very low influence. Definitely not Karompa local, but maybe Madu. But her face shape and size are off for each local I’ve mentioned.

Honestly she looks like a 75% Jampea male I used to have. Here is his pic for reference, he was 4.5yrs old in that photo and about 5.3ft. He was fired up in that photo.
If I was a betting man and I am, I would say that she is a 50% Dwarf Jampea at best, no SD influence unless it is very minimal. And coming from parents that would be in the 8-9ft range as you mentioned and having an total of 81%? in her genetics, she should be much smaller than that at 2yrs old.


Here are a few more pics with my old 75% Jampea male not fired up. You can see the similarities.


I do see the resemblence…Very nice looking male there. The whole local stuff confuses the hell out of me lol. I saw reach out reptiles show a poster of different localities on youtube but I could not pin point my girls locale. So 50% Dwarf and possibly no Super Dwarf? I wonder how big she’ll get (I know it also depends on the size and frequency of her feedings)? I currently feed her a medium rat every 2 weeks (only a little bulge left upon ingesting). Does that frequency and size of prey sound fine to you retic guys? I didn’t want to over feed her by having her on a every week schedule.


I’ve never been a fan of calling a retic a Dwarf or SD without proper documentation or knowing the locals in question. If I had to guess she looks similar to a Jampea, and just going off of what the seller told you, I would label her 50% Jampea no SD. Of course no one really knows and if you’re not going to breed her, it really doesn’t matter.

Small correction. While this does play a small part in growth, the main contributor to a Dwarf for SD retics growth is their genetics. You can have a SD tic from premium lineages, feed it every week for 5 years, and it will still stay small. For example I have a 37.5% SD Kalatoa Tiger het Pied female from a 8ft mom. I feed her every week, and every other week she gets 2 meals. She’s over 8 months old and only 60 grams. He dad was a mainland Tiger Pied. So she’s fed considerably well and still very small and smaller than some pure Kalatoas I’ve seen at her age. So genetics play a very huge role in overall size, not feeding size or schedule.

As for your feeding schedule, I think that’s perfectly fine. Every 2 weeks with a meal that size is appropriate and perfectly fine for her health.


I appreciate all the info especially on new years eve when everyone is out partying LOL. I don’t plan on breeding her she’ll just be a pet. I can see how lineage can play a major role in size. Once again thank u great info. So far everyone on morph forum seem very helpful…Cool peeps.


Of course man, happy to help.
Yeah it’s a great community, full of a lot of different folks who are willing to lend their knowledge and experiences.
You ever want to talk tics or need any help with anything let me know, I’d be happy to try and help anytime.
Happy New Year too.