Retic vs Burmese Pythons

Just out of random zoological curiosity how do you tell the difference between a retic vs a burmese python. I mean I’d never want to own either of them but am curious as to how you tell them apart. Arent they both tree-trunk snakes of similar length and geographical origin? Also are they different personality wise and what do people feed them in captivity as I doubt simple lil rodents would be sufficient.


Look up pictures of the two and you will see a huge difference. Burmese are mostly terrestrial snakes, whereas retics are arboreal. Retics are actually quite slim, and Burmese are a lot thicker. Their colors and patterns are also a lot different. Also, retics can get a lot longer than a Burmese. They also aren’t found that close together in the wild, if I am correct.


I can usually determine which is which by the head shape and sometimes the patterning on the body

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Thanks for letting me know. Im always interested in learning more about pretty much everything the world of nature has to offer. Still gonna only consider colubrids as a pet candidate snake wise (I wish the expo here had more of them corns especially but all I see are ball pythons everywhere) but from a zoological perspective I find everything interesting. Although if I ever got anything that was a boa or python “type” Id probably want a Brazilian rainbow boa or sunbeam snake (I think its called sunbeam anyway). Id be too scared of a retic/burmese plus their illegal here. Any snake more than 10ft ish full size is illegal here. Sucks because at one point I kinda want a Drymarchon (not sure which one yet).

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Get involved in your local politics and try to get that law changed.

I am. Im trying to get a petition to make an animal bylaw change to allow for some venomous (mildly venomous) species of reptiles and Tarantulas.

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