Reticulated Python Albinos


Can someone explain how the different strains of Albino work on the morph market calculator i see alor of retics that say 100 het purple albino but these are visual purple albinos so why doesnt it go in thay pink colour as reccesive? Very confusing. Lol

There are a number of different strains of albinism in reticulated pythons, many of which are compatible. If an animal’s profile states that it is “100% het purple albino” and 100% het for another strain of albinism, if those two strains are compatible, the animal will be a visual albino. For example, an animal that is listed as “100% het purple albino” and “100% het white albino” will be a visual albino, called a “lavender albino.”

So lav albino is a combo? Not a actual single gene morph in retics?

Yes i believe lavender albino in reticulated pythons has to have purple albino and white albino


But then what about Mocha and Mochino for example of i was to breed a Mochino to a Purple Albino what would i get. Also what confuses me compared to ball pythons is that Het for something such as Platinum is a Citron? So in retics being het for a recessive gene can change colour and pattern quite drastically compared to hets in bps which just look normal? Is this right. Also i presume the 50% het on morphmarket works the same i.e 50% means the snake has a 50% chance of carrying that gene?

Mochino is a combination of het mocha and het albino. Mochino x albino would give you half mochinos and half albinos.

I don’t understand your second question exactly, but I think it has something to do with single-gene examples of a co-dominant trait. Feel free to rephrase it so I can answer your question more accurately.

Yes, 50% het, 66% het, these terms are universal. The basic fundamentals of genetics do not work differently in different kinds of snakes, although morph names may not mean the same thing, since they are essentially arbitrary.

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Sorry for example titanium is a reccesive morph if im correct ? And the Het Titanium is called a citron. Now if a snake carried the gene citron ( i.e its 100% het titatanuim) it is visual different to a normal so for example a normal reticulated python that is 100% het titanium ( i.e citron) is visually different than a normal reticulated python whereas in ball pythons a Het Clown isnt visually different. Does that make sense?

Ok so a snake that is 100% het purple 100% het white 100% het mocha is in theory a lavender mochino ?

So what is coral ?

There is no such thing as a lavender mochino. An animal can not be het for all three genes because they are at the same locus, compatible, and therefore an animal can only have two of them at a time.

If a citron is the same thing as a het titanium, and it is visually different from a normal, then titanium is not a recessive trait but rather co-dominant. Think of it like a het red axanthic (HRA).

Ok. Thanks for that. But morphmarket and other people say Titanium is a reccesive trait but the Het is called a citron. So im now a bit confused? But i know what your saying ???

Ok so what is a mochino then? Is that a Mocha Albino so could it Be Mocha Purple Albino and what about coral? And obvioulsy here we are just talking about Type 1 clark albinsim

Mochino has one copy of the mocha gene and one copy of clark albino. I believe coral is clark albino and caramel albino.

So for example could something be. Mochino 100% het purple albino.

I.e 100% het mocha 100% het albino and 100% het purple?

No. It can only have two genes from that gene complex.

This is where im confused as you have said that and so have others yet others said they can have more than 2?

I’m not sure why “albino” is being listed separately from “albino (purple phase)” as purple is a type of albino, to my best understanding. There can only be two genes present in on animal from a complex of compatible genes.

Thats what i thought . So this is why im getting confused a great deal. Could it be that its Het for the other albino gene that isnt compatabile with Clarke Albino Type 1 or do they also lie on the same point?

I know that clark, mocha, caramel and maybe others are on the same point, and I’m pretty sure that amel is at a different point but I’m not sure of that.

Ok thanks for that