Reticulated Python Breeding Advice

Just looking for any advice on feeding, temperatures, timing, really anything the pros feel like I should know! I was planning on pairing them in the next month or so, but upon more reading it looks like this would be really late in the season. I thought I read somewhere (and this was like a while ago so it might be me misremembering) that retics are pretty flexible with their breeding season, but upon further reason it looks like most start in October-November.

For some background I have a female dwarf white albino genetic stripe that I would be pairing with my male dwarf purple albino goldenchild pos het genetic stripe.

I reduced their light cycle to about 9 hours. I have a natural temperature drop going on by about 3 degrees due to the winter weather. I was going to up the female’s feedings to a large rat every week. Her regular feedings is a large rat every 2 weeks.

Does it sound like I’m on the right track? Should I wait until the fall instead? Definitely open to any advice!

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@jrc_retics You were awesomely helpful before if you don’t mind me pinging you!

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