Reticulated python identification

I purchased this male as a “super dwarf” last year, he’s currently 2+ years and around 5 foot.

The seller said he was a pure super dwarf but could not remember the locality. I went a head and purchased him anyways as - look at him, he is beautiful.

I was wondering if anyone could have a stab in the dark as to what locality they think he is?


So unfortunately without the parents locals it will be almost impossible to id based on looks alone. I would say from the slimmer looking head definitely not selayer. Just from the head shape and the broken spotty granite like neck I would say kalotoa or madu possibly. I also think it could be a platinum or at the very least a het albino from the brightness overall. I will also add in that it is probably not 100% superdwarf on the simple fact that those are still pretty expensive and most good breeders do have documentation on the parents, have the parents or at least very good records on locality and male to female size of parents. Here is some pic of my 87.5% kalotoa platinum, anery for reference the ones where he is smaller look at the head and broke up pattern on the neck. You have a gorgeous retic enjoy!


That’s a beautiful retic! It’s too late in my life to own one but I can still admire others! Even if you don’t find the information you are seeking on him, he is still a magnificent animal that anyone would be proud of! And of course, welcome to the family! :+1::blush::heart::snake: