RGI tested Confirmation

Ok so here one for you RGI give out a results test number if im correct, now how do you contact them if you purchase a snake with test done already how can you confirm that it correct. (i understand that doing a test yourself ) but if you purchased with it already done and they give you the results number do you call or email them to review results


Why not just ask for a print screen/screenshot of the test results from the seller?


Not sure if there’s some way to do that. But regardless you have to trust the seller because RGI can’t guarantee the same corresponding shed was sent in


Easiest way would to email them at contact@raregeneticsinc.com with the test number as the subject line, and request the results. Tell them you purchased the snake and would like to confirm confirmation on the results.


I thought I read Cltch transfers the test results with the snake between users. But suppose that requires both seller and buyer have Cltch accounts.

I had thought that was where MM was heading when you can order tests for a snake set up in your MM account and can also set that snake up for sale. However, as far as I can tell no part of the MM digital animal transfers from seller to purchaser at this time.


thanks all

Recently I sold some animals I had panel tested through MM. I couldn’t find a way to download the results like as a PDF or something via the mobile app so ended up taking 9 screenshots per snake to get everything in (and the panels are growing). Pretty ugly but works.