Rhamphiophis rostratus

One of the babies I produced back in 2018. They’ve grown quite a bit, and almost never hold still! This male has held onto his red belly speckling better than his siblings.


What a cute little face!


Super cool!!! Are these guys tough to breed? And welcome to the community!!! Do you work with any other species?


Thanks!! From what I’ve heard it doesn’t seem like it (I’m not the first person to breed this species), so I hope things will go well for this year’s pairing.

They’re actually the first snake species I’ve bred! I do have plans for other snakes, but most are not ready to go yet.


Yes, she certainly does. She is nearly as (if not more) eclectic as I am when it comes to odd-ball species


That’s awesome!!!

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You give me too much credit :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@saleengrinch, I have and do want to breed at least two more species sometime in the future - Malpolon insignitus and Scaphiophis albopunctatus, assuming the latter if the acclimation process goes smoothly. I have two established females, but two males and a juvenile female are still being quarantined. The M. insignitus need a few more years before I feel comfortable pairing them up.

I had plans before for Malpolon monspessulanus, but now I’m not sure. It might be something I’ll have to think more about. My female’s an interesting medical case.