Rhino iguana enclosure questions

Hi guys,

So question, well a few. So I’m planning on getting an adult rhino pair. I’ve been working for about a month on my redfoot enclosure to retrofit it to house rhinos. It’s a 12’ x 10’ fully chicken wired in chicken coop with corrugated tin walls going about 3’ up the 6’ walls.

  1. Would they be okay to live with the adult redfoots?
  2. Would they dig out of this enclosure?
    Receiving conflicting info on these things and would like some insight, if I can’t do rhinos in there I would be open to replacements to put in this giant enclosure.

Thanks in advance!


Can you also tell us what the climate is like where you are?

It sounds like it’s pretty big, but I don’t know how much space such large lizards need.


I live in Deep South Texas. It’s 80-90+ for the majority of the year and our temps & conditions match that of Florida pretty close but a bit drier. I keep everything I own outdoors full-time and move everything into a heated barn in inclement weather.



I have a friend who owns a pet store that has a 10ft wide, 4ft deep, 6ft tall enclosure with a cyclura, a caiman lizard, 2 redfoots, and a couple box turtles that were all surrounders. Had it set up that way for years with no issues.


Oh that looks cool! Great weather too.

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Wow! How cool is that :sunglasses:! I can’t wait to see what you end up putting in it!

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thinking of adding more trees/ bushes and some more fallen timber, still unsure if its cost efficient to rhino-proof it.

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outdoors or indoors?

Indoors but if your temps are good, you should be fine. It’s 110-115* during our summers and 38-45* all winter so outdoors doesn’t fly where we live.

Updated enclosure with concrete perimeter, added a tall hibiscus, hollow logs, a fan palm and larger hide & pond


Personally I feel they need bigger,
My reptile outhouse is 10x8 I think, but an extra 2ft each way imo is not big enough to house one. They’re big guys and need a lot of space! Which is why I don’t own one yet :smiling_face_with_tear: Or a Rock as they’re awesome too.
If it’s free roaming the garden daily and that’s just to put back in at night day then I’d say it’s ok x

just out of curiosity but what size do you keep your cresties in?

45x45x60 males and 60x45x60 females. X