Rhino Iguanas?

So a rhino iguana is one of my dream animals, most of my readings are a few years old but say they are very similar in care to a bearded dragon. I just want to learn about these cool guys in case I get one in the future. Who has stories/pics/etc!?


Urrrm not sure what they are like. Other rock and spiny tailed igs really. Not like a beardie

This is our eldest one she’s 10. Was outside today basking


She’s really pretty!! What’s it like owning one? I’ve only had mammals, snakes, and an unusual beardie.

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A challenge. You have to handle daily when young. They are capable of inflicting horrific injuries AND are large animals. Iguanas dont come naturally tame. We have 3 all very different temperaments. Don’t get me wrong with time and commitment, they are wonderful


What’s the majority like, do you think? I’m hoping to have one friendly and like being petted. I know how individual variation is but just general

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Most of the time, even if you have one that you have worked with, iguanas are rather unpredictable. Males especially can be aggressive and territorial, and if one does get mad at you, it won’t just leave small scratches. It will do a lot of damage. A lot of people have iguanas that they keep more as a “look but rarely touch” animal. If you want a large lizard that enjoys being pet but isn’t nearly as prone to aggression or territorial behavior, I would recommend an Argentine black & white tegu. With females always being a bit more calm. And of course as with any reptile, even if you think you know them and that they “like” you, there is still a chance they could snap and take a few fingers at any point. Here is a good video about rhino iguanas by Clints reptiles;

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I watched that and his about tegus, I’m almost convinced lol. Back to researching! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Rhinos are more predictable than greens are the Ctenosaura. Tegus are different lizards but easier to keep I think


I had already ruled out greens since they got bigger and were a little more temperamental. Rhinos on first look seemed like a good fit, gentle, likes human attention, and not a picky eater.

After more research (and the recommendation of a tegu) I think I’d like something more omnivorous that can clean up scraps. I often have a rat pup left over because someone is in shed and won’t eat, my boa does that now but she’s a little more sassy than I’d like when she gets bigger. I’m definitely going to do a few days of research lol

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