RI while pregnant

I have been pairing my female ball python for a few months. She is now showing signed of a possible respiratory infection (open mouth breathing, yawning a lot). She has a little mucus but no wheezing. I’m planning on going to the vet tomorrow but worried that if they prescribe antibiotics it could affect the pregnancy. Has anyone experienced RI in this situation?

Before anyone prescribes antibiotics they need make sure the problem is in fact bacterial and not viral (it can be one or both). Viruses cannot be treated with antibiotics and there are some common viruses in the hobby. Nidovirus/Serpento Virus and Paramyxovirus to name a couple.

At this point, the eggs are irrelevant compared to her health. Given the symptoms, you’re probably not going to get good eggs anyway without a lot of luck. Her body is responsible for a lot, if it’s under attack, it isn’t doing all of it’s jobs properly.


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:arrow_up: what they said. totally agree.

Only thing I would add is isolate her if your not already. i am sure you are, but just saying to give a bigger picture for the less experienced readers.

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Update: She had a good shed a few days later and now has no symptoms.


Good the hear she is doing well :slight_smile:

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