Right Morph?

Hello, I have a question about my male Hognose.

I got him as a Conda het. Purple line poss. het. Albino. I wasnt really questioning this till now, but he just shed and now he looks really yellow.

I dont know if I just never noticed or it is something that happened after his last shed.

He is one of the 3 Hognoses I have and I dont have the most knowledge of their morphs, but he is just so yellow all of a sudden and as far as I know he should not look this strongly yellow for his morph or am I wrong? :sweat_smile:Especially his tail has a really pastel yellow look to it.

(I hope the pictures work and that I didn’t make to much mistakes while writing this. This is my first post here.:sweat_smile:)

The first 3 pictures are with sunlight trough my window and the last one is on the sofa, to have a black background. On the first pictures the yellow does not come trough as much as it actually is and on the last one my phone made him a bit to yellow.


He looks to be a conda!

The het albino wouldn’t affect his appearance visually since it is het, “purple line” is a polygenic line-bred trait that affects the coloration of the hognose — edit: did some brief research, I believe that line was bred to create a dark red coloration. Your boy might be from the lineage but just doesn’t show the trait as strongly.

Typically breeders will hold back the best examples when trying to produce a certain appearance! Hognoses are extremely variable in color.


What @trnreptiles said. I can kinda see the saturation from purple line, but i wouldn’t say he’s a very good example of it. At least not from what i can see in that lighting. The yellow tail is normal, hogs in general have very saturated tails.


I think I understand. I also learned that the purple line is line-bred by accident, right after posting this.:sweat_smile:

Thanks for the answer, really helped.

Then the only thing that isn’t clear by now is the het. Albino, but we will see if he proves out or not.

I still hope he is, waiting for eggs at the Moment.


I thought you said het conda from my sleep deprived brain because new years and I got reallllllly confused.