RIP to the Best Beardie Ever

This evening my girlfriend and I had to put down our first reptile, our Bearded Dragon named Koda. We noticed last night that he was not acting right. We brought him into our exotic vet this afternoon and we were told after their tests that he was suffering from an enlarged heart, an aneurysm, or a mass. We were told that he would not make it through the night if we brought him home. We made the painful decision to have him euthanized.

He was our first reptile ever. He was our first pet together as a couple. We rescued him from a bad home. We formed a strong bond with him. When we brought him home, I didn’t even want a reptile. I just couldn’t stand to see an animal being taken care of so poorly. We got him the right sized tank, the right heat source, the right uvb bulb and the right food. I used to be terrified of him, but I was happy to know that he was being taken care of properly. We used to lovingly refer to him as “the dinosaur”. He grew on me and we learned how to handle him and care for him. We owned him for almost 6 years. He was a little over 2 when we got him.

He was the spark that ignited our passion for keeping and caring for reptiles. We loved him so much and he will forever be in our hearts. Every new reptile we get is ultimately because of the love that we found for our little dinosaur. He was the best boy ever and we miss him dearly.

Koda, I hope you find peace as you cross over the rainbow bridge. We are sorry to see you go but find peace ourselves knowing that you are not suffering. Remember to show all the pretty dragons in heaven your sexy leg and keep on being the best boy that ever was. Mom and dad love you and miss you.

Thank you all for bearing with me while I share my grief.

RIP sweet boy.


Sorry for your loss. Im sure he is wow-ing all the lady beardies at Rainbow Bridge and that he gave you and your gf the gift of becoming interested with many neat herps to come. Beautiful pic btw.


:broken_heart: :pensive: I’m so sorry. Koda was well-loved (and handsome too).


@beast-blade-wolf_987 thank you. I took it shortly before they took him away. I didn’t even look at it to see how nice it came out. He really was special in that way. Since getting him we have got 2 leos, a crestie, and 5 snakes. All the love and care we give them and any animals we get in the future will be our way of honoring our sweet boys memory.

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@mblaney thank you for the kind words. He was so loved and he will be forever missed. I’ve had animals pass and put down in the past but this one is hitting me way harder because of the amazing way he opened me up to a whole world I never even considered. Your are right, he was a very handsome boy.

I am dreading having to go home from work this afternoon. My gf has asked me to break down his tank. Seeing it empty breaks her heart.

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When we are ready we plan to rescue another beardie the way we rescued him and continue to honor Koda by caring for another baby in need. Sorry I’m rambling. I just don’t have anywhere else to get all of this out. Thank you guys for your kindness.


im sorry for your loss, its hard but it does get better!


Thank you @prestonrabe. Appreciate the kind words.

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So sorry for your lose…OMG he looks so much like my boy Casper. I don’t even want to think about the day he passes…He to was my first reptile purchase…Best wishes and once again sorry for the lose.

I am so sorry. I will never forget the pain of my first loss. He was lovely. He will be missed.:broken_heart: :black_heart:


@anniev thank you! Also, welcome to the forum.

I know this is a bit late, but I’m so sorry for your loss. There’s something about the massive personality of a beardie that makes losing one particularly difficult. I hope you’ve been able to cope well.

And yes, you will get Koda back one day :slight_smile:

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Thank you @winkydinks. Never too late for kind words.