Rodents Thawed - Broken Freezer!

Hey everyone!

Just found that the freezer I keep all of my rodents in had started thawing overnight!

Some of the rodents are squishy but still cold. Would you freeze them again to use later? Or toss them?

Any help anyone could provide would be great!


Once they have thawed it is not safe to freeze them again. The bacteria inside their organs starts to break down pretty quickly once they thaw. Feed off what you can now and toss the rest of them.


Thank you for the advice.

To confirm, this is true even if they are still cold, correct?

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Yes, even if they are still cold. The organs have thawed if they are squishy so it isn’t safe for refreezing.


Yep, like @ashleyraeanne said, anything thawed all the way through has to go. Anything still frozen in the middle could possibly be salvaged. This happened to my local shop a few weeks back and anything not still frozen had to be tossed.


Thanks everyone! Thankfully I only lost three bags of rodents, the rest were still frozen. It definitely could have been worse.