Rosy Boa Brumnation or Vet Trip?

Ziyah loves exploring, she’s incredibly active, usually.

Lately, I have noticed a lack in exploring, she “sleeps in” and on more than one occasion I have thought her to be dead because she was just laying on top of her aspen, not moving. She shows zero signs of illness other than this new, lethargic behavior. She eats and she poops. She actually took two pinkies last feeding and devoured them.

I got her out this morning and again, usually she is slithering everywhere, trying to go, go, go. It took her a bit to start moving in my hands and even when she did, she went slowly, circling my hands and fingers. Her tongue flicked out quite a bit, but at one point, she stopped, her head on my wrist and just laid there. No movement, no tongue flicker. Her pupils look good, they were even sizes. When she started moving again it was to head into a comforter on the bed. The in house ambient temperature is 78-80 F. At night it drops to low 70’s, the lowest I have seen it is 73. Her warm side of the tank is set at 85.

I’m wondering about brumnation. From what I have read, I have to trigger it within her (which given that she is a baby, I wasn’t going to). I know it starts in November usually and the only thing I can see triggering her is that her terrarium is on a dresser across from a window. I’m sure she’s able to see it getting dark outside faster.

So, what do you guys think? Time for a vet trip, or brumnation, or something else?

Tiny Update:: I came back home from work and an errand, so roughly, 5 or 6 hours later and she was exactly where I had left her before work. She has a vet appointment on Friday.


I wouldn’t bother with a vet trip. Rosy boas are generally pretty lazy, and the reason for exploring could just be because she is either stressed, is still getting used to her enclosure, or has too much space/not small enough hides and doesn’t feel secure. My rosy doesn’t explore much and has always been like that. She does get less active in the colder months though, even when I keep the heat up. She likes to brumate herself sometimes too. So long as she is eating and not showing signs of illness(like an RI) then she should be fine.

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Hello again!

She just has me so worried. She’s growing like crazy too.

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No need for a vet appointment.
If she’s eating, pooping and shedding she’s in good health.
Rosy’s are lazy little snakes, mine used to just lay there and do nothing all day, and then when the lights went out they would explore.
Your snake is ok and I wouldn’t be concerned at all.

How long have you had her? I’ve only known Rosys to be very active if they’re hungry, or if they’re exploring a new environment. If the temperature has recently dropped in your house, that might also make her less active than she would be if it were warmer.

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I mean its pretty normal this change on reptiles during this change of wheater they look more “sleepy”

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@7snakes - Since September. The only drop in temperature is at night, and that has been by a single degree.

@mnroyals and everyone else - I’m glad to hear this is normal. I will cancel the appointment. Thank you all for your input.