Rosy boa personality

hello I have been looking for a Second snake to get. I have a 2 year old male KSB. I have been looking into rosy boas and they seem really cool. I just want to hear from some rosy owners if u ever see they because I don’t eat it to be like my sand boa that I literally never see :laughing:.


The only thing to do is go to the selling side of MM to check out rosy boas for sale. It’s against the MM guidelines to solicit reptile price recommendations on the community side.

Good luck finding one!


ok thanks I did not know that. do u have experience with roses?


Rosy boas tend to burrow but in my experience not so much as sand boas. My rosy stays in his hide about 50% of the time.

If you are looking for a snake to interact with you might consider a corn snake. They come in a blue jillion different colors and most have great dispositions. :blush:


Though I don’t have one yet, I’ve heard almost exclusively good reviews about them being very mellow, to the point of sleeping out in the open on at least two occasions I read about. I definitely plan to get one myself. I’m leaning towards an Anery Magdalena, if I’m remembering the name right. Here is a link to the rosy boas on MorphMarket :

Rosy Boas on Morphmarket


@deanaii has a couple, maybe he tell you what his are like.

Personality might vary by locality. But you could always ask the breeder when you’re inquiring for a general idea.

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I really want a Mexican local. I don’t think I want a corn snake, I want something a little more uncommon.

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if rosies attract you, and you;d like a snake you might see a lot, here’s some others you might also like: look into Western Hognose snakes, who come in a lot of colors and are diurnal, or Antaresia pythons, who are a similar small size and climb and eat reliably, very explorative, or even the Cape House Snake who are fantastic little pets you almost never see and come in very cool colors- just get one that’s already eating frozen/thawed mice. THey’re tricky to start.

Rosies are usually great, but I’d want to be sure any snake I get, temperament was sound and it was well socialized with people. Every once in a while you get a rosy who thinks everything is food but mostly they are sweet.

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I think they all are great snakes and I did look into spotted pythons a few weeks ago a they seem cool. hognose snakes are cool but honestly I don’t have the money to spend 300 dollars on a snake… any other suggestions

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I have a Maricopa Mountain rosy boa that is super calm and very sweet. He feels like velvet and he will just sit in my hand or my lap and just relax with me.


This might be a good reason to wait for now regarding getting a second snake. Once you have an animal, it becomes your responsibility to provide proper care, as no one else will, and thus you need to be able to afford vet visits when needed.

Because of the additional time and effort a vet needs to dedicate to training and research in order be able to see exotics as patients, they generally charge more for their services, just like any other specialist . This is doubly the case for the true specialists- boarded exotics vets- as getting one of those certifications is a very rigorous process. Ironically, most reptile owners are far more resistant to spending money at a vet than mammal owners, despite that massive additional knowledge and training that an exotics vet needs to have.

So, instead of getting 2 snakes and being unable to care for either of them if they get ill, just stick with 1 snake that you’re able to care for. It will pay off to be patient, trust me.

Panicked owners are here on the forum constantly that can’t or won’t pay for veterinary care, looking for medical advice from strangers about how to cut corners at home. These same owners are also often reluctant to rush their pet to a rescue where they can relinquish it & have the shelter give it veterinary care and find it a better-prepared home. To make things worse, if the pet dies and they don’t know why, they won’t be able to pay for a necropsy with histo that would help them learn what happened and possibly how not to repeat any mistakes involved in the negative outcome.

It’s really sad to see that happen over and over again, so I’m just trying to give you the heads-up regarding something you may not have considered. (Don’t feel bad- most people don’t think about it until it’s too late.) One last tip, if you’re unable to save up for vet care- in emergencies where a patient is suffering, many veterinarians will euthanize-only (so no cremation or body disposal) for free, especially emergency vet practices.


Very well said all is true. This is part of “responsible pet ownership @spislandboy You should definitely take this into consideration. The sand boa you have can be quite enjoyable to handle. There is no harm in digging him up once in awhile to interact with him as long as it’s not right before or right after a meal.