Rosy Boa Search


A friend of mine had an accidental clutch of ball pythons and is offering me first pick - so exciting!

However… a ball python is not the snake I have been looking for, my heart belongs to Rosy Boas when it comes to snakes. This offer of a baby ball has triggered my want for a Rosy and the search has begun, again. I find myself running into the exact same problems, there just aren’t any for sale, if there are, they’re outrageously priced, and they’re wild types.

I want a snow and a melanistic, or at least some that are het so I can try breeding, but everywhere I go is sold out. Even Facebook is a flop.

Do you have a secret place you go to for your rosy boa needs?

*edited for rule breaking/ deleted the breeder question.

I would start here:

Maybe reach out to these vendors and see if they have what you are looking for.

After that, I would suggest trying a FB group for rosies


I have done the FB group. As I said, it has been flop so far.

As for those breeders, they fall under the category of too expensive for a wild type. If they charge $250 for a normal, then imagine how expensive a specific morph would be. They aren’t feasible for me, personally.

If you’re looking for cheaper Rosies you are probably going to be looking for quite a while longer I’m afraid. I bought three this year (1 wild type and 2 morphs) and each of them were over 250 but I felt the price was more than fair - Rosies are harder to find these days and I’ve been wanting to get into them for years. I even saw some normals up for 300-350ish and wanted to buy but someone beat me to them.
We’re also strictly not allowed to recommend specific breeders on this forum so if the morphmarket sellers are too expensive then I think you may be out of luck at least in the short term. I don’t know if any more babies are expected to drop at this time in the year.

Oh, I apologize, I didn’t mean to break a rule. My information on prices maybe out of date then. I was told to expect at the lowest $50.00, understandably, morphs would be more expensive. I have seen online prices for basics going at $99 and morphs $109 and up. But these are the places always sold out.

Perhaps I need to adjust my price expectations.

No harm done, many people don’t realize that’s a rule. :slight_smile: I live in Canada so prices are not identical, but I’d be surprised to find normals for $99 USD or less. I imagine you’d have be quick to snatch them up. Maybe even make a deal with a breeder/seller to buy babies before they hit the public markets? I know quite a few folks do that with other less common species. I don’t know if Rosies were ever super big in Canada but it definitely feels like there are less people selling them in the States these days. No idea why - I’m crazy about mine and wish I could find more, they’re wonderful little boas.

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It’s quite sad, the lack of them. I found a site that looks promising though, so I am staking it out. I’m always watching Morphmarket, for them and gargoyle geckos.

Maybe I will snag something.

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Depending on where the breeders live, most Rosies should be dropping litters in July thru Sept, so I wouldn’t expect many 2020 born for at least several more months, if you are looking for babies. Mine tend to go late July to early Sept.
They definitely are more in depend than usual, last year’s litters were all more or less spoken for before even being born and I have a long wait list again this year.


Wow, that’s great for your litters! Thank you for the dates, they’ll help too.

well since there are dozens of species on morphmarket just use the filter so you can find something within your budget and set the category option to reptiles so it will show all the species available within your budget window and i think you will be bound to find something you like.

That is a good idea, but I am set on only Rosy Boas and Gargoyle Geckos. I just patrol the pages continually because I have no life atm. Lol.