Rough Knob Tailed Gecko (Nephrurus Amyae)

Hello, I recently got a trio of Nephrurus amyae as breeders. I have been researching, but there are a lot of mixed opinions and information. I have heard some start in June, warm in August, and some do it towards the end of the year. When is the best time to start cooling and warming them back up?

I am also unsure how their genetics work, but the trio is all Hypos. Is there a super hypo, or what will the babies’ genetics be?


I’d love to learn that info as well; I adore knob-tailed geckos! Definitely an extremely underrated group. Though I have heard of a breeder not cooling his knobtails, I don’t know if that’s good advice, especially for N amyae.

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Yes I have seen both, just don’t know what is better or recommended. There is little information especially on the N. amyae.