Roughly a Month Left in the Incubator!

The eight good eggs from Butter x Calibee Spotnose HOG are doing quite well! I’ve been using vermiculite in the bottom of a small Sterilite and so far I’ve had no problems with mold. The upper right has a small dent from when the incubator leaked (nothing a little glue and tape couldn’t fix) but otherwise appears to be a-okay. They’re currently in a 2370 Electronic Thermostat Hova-Bator I’ve had in case I’d wanted to pop in some eggs from my chickens; it works well boosted to about 91+ as there is a few degrees variation on the incubator’s actual readout and whatever digital thermometer, extra probe you’ve shoved in it. So far, with all the extra holes blocked off, it’s been keeping humidity well over 90%. The bottom plastic tray it comes with is beneficial completely full of water, but an additional, medium sized Tupperware container filled to the brim is needed. It definitely doesn’t fit multiple clutches of larger eggs, but for this one batch it’s working like a dream. Can’t wait to see those little faces! :blush:


Cant wait! Keep us posted!