Rude Dogg Interview of John Lehmann on MorphMarket's Origins

Hi guys, I’m John. :slight_smile: Throwing this under Introductions because it’s the most detailed and personal account ever given on the creation of MorphMarket.

Describes what it has looked like “behind-the-scenes” from 2014 to 2021, plus a reveal of what’s coming next.

As I share in the interview, MM is not me, or a website, or a company, so much as the herp community. YOU all are MorphMarket. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play a part. And thanks to Rudy for this interview.


@john Didnt realize we were the exact same age lol.


Hey, really interesting interview! I saw the length after I started watching and figured I would just watch for a bit and then finish later, but I ended up watching it all in one go. You have a very humble and well-spoken nature, very easy to listen to.

I really love the idea of a lineage program as part of the site. Years ago, corn snake breeders would register their snakes with ACR (American Corn Snake Registry), but it was pretty clunky and complicated and it shut down a few years ago. But I loved being able to see the lineage of my snakes and I always provided an ACR number for babies I produced so the buyer could see the lineage too. Not only is it great for avoiding excessive inbreeding, but it’s very helpful for tracking genes when a new mutation pops up.