Runts of the Litter

This is Tiny Tina, a beautiful Whitesided Ghost Florida Kingsnake. She may be the runt of the litter, but don’t be fooled. She eats UFC fighters for breakfast. :triumph: :boxing_glove:

Show off your “runts”! All the little guys that are smaller than the others but still full of personality and on a mission to conquer the world :metal:


What a cutie!

This little guy hatched out as a tiny 4 gram non-feeder. It was my first time dealing with a non-feeder and it was quite the ride! He did eventually get eating and ended up being just fine.


This is Oisin (pronounced oh-sheen). He was the runt of his clutch. Hes 7 months old now, and only 9.66g. Hes been on a food strike for almost two months, and JUST started eating again this week. Second meal of the week (5 days apart cuz hes little still)


This is Deedee, one of my leopard geckos! She hatched out bold and sassy and has stayed that way despite being abnormally small for her species. She’s about the size of a 6 month old ‘teenager.’


Wow that is a little guy!! So glad to see him thrive in your care. Tiny Tina hatched out at 6 grams on December 8th of 2021 – she is already 11 grams and growing quickly. Love seeing success stories with these little guys.


She is gorgeous! I also love how you pay attention to the details of their personality. That’s my favorite part about keeping reptiles, is learning who they are as individuals :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You have your work cut out for you! Definitely need a lot of patience with hatchling hognoses, let alone one that is also exceptionally small. He is very handsome. :purple_heart:

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So he actually hasnt been bad. Up until like, 2 months ago hes eaten pretty consistently for me. He went off right around the same time my other boys did.

Once she has had time to digest her meal, I will have to get some fresh pictures of Andromeda my mini San Matias rosy boa. She is 5 years old now (time flies) and at max is around 55 grams. She always likes to try and eat my fingers, and has even tried to eat a blanket once.