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Hi there All you cool cats and kittens :no_entry_sign::tiger:

My Name is Darius, From Jacksonville, Fl and i am an Reptile Enthusiast. I’ve owned many ball pythons is my younger years and finally making steps towards new and exciting species. Currently own A Blood python(Lucifer), and two sand boas(Angel & Demon).

I’m here to expand my personal collection, also dip into some breeding projects. And most importantly learn from all you :heart:

Also, im starting a youtube channel and would love to visit some of you guys amazing facilities and collections of snakes, if interested pm me! Thanks :snake:

#FreeJoeExotic :heart::tiger:


Welcome to the forums Darius glad to have you! If you are here to learn from others than this is definitely the place for you. So many experienced breeders and reptile keepers on here.

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:smiley:HI Darius! Welcome to the community glad to have you here.

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greetings darius! Im new here myself, but figured that doesnt mean i cant say welcome! Hopefully you are able to find the guidance you are looking for! Im hoping to get in to breeding carpet pythons myself, but my 2 are too young currently. Future goals haha. But anways, welcome!



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I would love a carpet python from a future clutch :grin: