Sad Sad Day...Sluggs

What a sad day for me. Lilly my Normal ball python female laid her clutch of 7 eggs today and all 7 are slugs.
This is so strange, as she prevously laid 4 eggs, with 1 slug in that clutch.
The temps I keep my Ball Pythons at are exactly the same. This is my second clutch so far, with 5 more to come. First clutch is of 5 eggs and all fertile and should hatch in 13 days.
I wonder what went wrong, if anybody can give some information, as I have searched the internet and it can’t be a temp, humidity or stress issue, neither can it be the male as his other female partner’s eggs are due to hatch soon.
Below some further information:
Female: Lilly - Normal
7 years old
Second clutch laid
Had a break between first clutch and this one of 2 years.
Male: Ceazar - Cinnamon Pastel Hidden Gene Woma
He has sired numerous clutches for the owner I purchased him from.

I know although Lilly is only a Normal female, she is my first Ball Python I got and I raised her from a hatchling. She really means alot to me, so if there is something I am doing wrong or something I need to improve on then I want to do it.
Any advice would be appreciated.

What are your exact temps? As always it could just be bad timing / bad luck and not necessarily your fault or anything you could have done. Sorry!!

The temperature for my snake rack is on 31.1 Celcuis on the warm side and 26.4 on the cooler end. I have a snake rack system that keeps 14 Adults.
The only thing that I don’t get is that the female that laid first had 5 healthy eggs from the same male and they are due to hatch soon.
So sad, I really wanted to keep one of her babies, whatever the morph was, as she is the most amazing snake ever, even when I uncoiled her from her eggs, she just sailed right up my arm, she has never hissed or tried to bite me. I know it maybe sounds silly, but it’s like she seeks out affection, even though since mating her, I only picked her up when cleaning her tub.
I guess I need to wait till next year and try again.

It’ can be a lot of things from temps to the female to the male there is not always a specific reason, some things are not meant to be, and slugs are not the worst part when it comes to breeding, it just happens.

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Thanks so much, you really are making me feel better.
Thought I might have done something wrong.

And on another topic, since your advice of just leaving my other females eggs alone, they are doing great and are due to hatch in ±13 days.
Thank you

Temps sound good, like you said, give it another go next year. Patience is key and I wish you well with her!

Thanks so much. Thought I did something wrong. I believe one can always improve in keeping exotic pets like ball pythons, so I am trying to do the best for my animals.
I will keep my spirits up and see what happens next year. Thanks again.