Sales Cards with transferable QR codes and animal history

Hi together;

I would like to have a unique QR code per animal on MorphMarket with transferable animal history.

So say for example a sell an animal to an buyer, he can just scan the QR code on the sales card with his mobile phone and add the animal to collection.

Say he later have to treat the snake for say a pathogen or virus infection, then this activity for example will go onto the history. Feeding schedules and growth rates could also for example be added in the same way.

So say he sells the animal later again to another buyer, the next buyer would by scanning the QR code and adding it to his collection would also at that point have the complete history of the animal from say birth.

The same would go for genetics. So say I produce the animal the first time and I for example in a future breeding find out the parents carried another recessive gene, then the 1st generation of that breeding would then also automatically be updated through an offspring tree to carry a possible het for that gene. So as a buyer, you would then immediately know that you can proceed to test the animal that you procured to see if this gene carried through to your animal. This could allow buyers to quickly build value in their collections by discovering potential value through genetic carryover.


Love this idea!


This would definitely be useful.

I currently use Husbandry Pro, but once MorphMarket implements the husbandry features I’ll be switching over — but I use these QR code cards for all of my snakes so I know who is who and can scan the QR code to record weights, feeding, sheds, breeding, etc.