Sand Boa Traits - Category upgrade! [DONE] [1556]

Thank you Elena!

Is that the only issue you have noticed?

It would nice to have Rufescens as a trait, as well as HRP and Hypo.

Is rufescens a locality or a trait?

Is this recessive/inc-dom…

Same question here :blush:


Rufescens = locality

HRP = trait, inheritance not totally clear but definitely genetic, possibly recessive with a line-bred component

Hypo = proven single-gene trait, definite simple recessive


So I do believe that Anerythristic and Axanthic should be separated as they are not interchangeable when speaking about other snakes.

Anerythristic is the lack of red pigmentation, while Axanthic is the lack of yellow pigmentation. Again, I do not believe they are interchangeable and should not be classified that way as it can and will confuse a lot of people who are getting into breeding KSB.

In reference to strictly KSB aren’t they the same gene that has both effects? I thought they were and these are about genes not effects of the genes.

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So, I’m not an expert as I’ve only had the privilege to have one old (male?) boy, a gift from a girlfriend in
high school. This dude has had my back for 16 going on 17 years! But it was from a terrible store location in a terrible town that took until its 7 owner to figure it out. Anyways… they didn’t know but I assumed he is a normal Kenyan, nothing special about his pattern to my eye. Besides with age it gets more pixelated and confused with a paradox gene that I was taught isn’t a possible or very least, not a sustainable project. But if he can help in any way! I’m sure it would be good for him. Not getting rid of! But if dna or, i don’t actually know besides his old dna? And Im only now getting interested in breeding, so I know very little so far about genetics besides the low college level biology most learn young. there’s s few I know I won’t do, sand or rosy boas are in the list
I could be wrong on locale and /or sex… never planned to breed him and my only non-rescue animal until this last year when I started having fun with colubrids and joined this place. We will be ready to help if at all needed!

A noted issue with our taxonomy from off-site:

"Just wanted to point out an error in your taxonomic listings for sand boas. The genus Gongylophis has been invalid since 2014 and all of the sand boas you have listed with that genus name are now in Eryx. See the link below for the specifics on this change.

Boas of the World (Superfamily Booidae): A Checklist With Systematic, Taxonomic, and Conservation Assessments "


I have a few comments on some of the traits/genes for sand boas. I believe there may be some redundancy in having Paradox Albino and Paradox listed. Shouldn’t Paradox be delisted? There is no “Paradox” morph, only Paradox Albino and Paradox Snow. Gene X Paint is not one trait. Shouldn’t it be broken down into Gene X and Paint? This flaw causes inaccuracies in your Gene Calculator. Your Gene Calculator indicates that a Gene X Paint crossed with a Paint yields 100% het Paints and 100% het Gene X Paints. This is incorrect. It should yield 100% Paints and 100% het Gene X, if it is assumed that Paint is recessive, as well as Gene X.



Paradox is listed as a non-genetic trait for the random abnormality, completely separate from Paradox Albino, but a lot of people seem to get that confused. I believe HRP should be considered an ‘other trait’ not recessive. From my understanding, HRP is a linebred trait of reduced pattern anerys. Though now that I look back at the traits page, I see there’s both “Halloway Reduced Pattern” and “HRP” which are the same exact thing, just one is the acronym. There are so many mistagged animals, I would LOVE to be able to go through them myself and fix them lol


Thank you for your explanation about the non-genetic Paradox. This makes sense. However, shouldn’t only non-genetic Paradox show up when you click on that trait, instead of Paradox Albinos? Paradox Albinos are not hets for non-genetic Paradox, so couldn’t customers on MM be confused when they click on Paradox and see Paradox Albinos? I, myself, am trying to gain a better understanding of how and why these genes and traits are arranged for the sand boas on MM.
Yes, HRP is not recessive. However, I don’t believe it’s linebred (depending of definition) either, since they were not produced by breeding generations of slightly reduced pattern anerys. The first HRPs resulted from a specific breeding by Jeff Holloway. He didn’t line breed for them, similar to the way nuclears were developed by Stockwell, for example. That being noted, I’m not sure HRP fits cleanly into our mendelian genetics models. So, I am not sure which designation should be used for them.