Satanic Leaftails- does anyone have any experience?

I hope to one day keep a satanic leaftail gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus), and I was wondering if anyone on the forum has kept them previously and is willing to share their experiences? They are awesome looking and sound like a very interesting species- I’m so curious! Especially keen to know if a bioactive setup could potentially be appropriate for these guys, what enclosures you have tried keeping them in, and any general tips or tricks.

My plan is to get some ‘arboreal gecko’ experience with a crested gecko, as I love those as well and they seem slightly more forgiving, before keeping any phants. I’d most likely opt for an automatic mister.


I would say that this a must for them based on their sensitivity.


Look up Tom Favaza/Geckological. He is a bit reclusive but you can track him down on FB. He has a ton of experience with phants (and many other Uroplats)


@welshmorphology Don’t you keep these?
This is a care sheet I was able to find. They need a smaller enclosure than I thought so I might have to look into these too.


yes i do and other uroplatus. None are currently under a misting system as mine went boom. You don’t have to have a misting system at all. Just be mindful about misting, drainage and humidity. They are a lot more sensitive than other geckos can be as a whole. I’d honestly try U. lineatus for your first phant. They are a lot more forgiving husbandry wise. It will give you more of an insight into Malagasy species than new caledonians.
They are not hands on and rather shy, even at night. Uroplatus lineatus are beasts and active in the day also. UV is a MUST, live planted with decent drainage I think is also a must. A clean up crew can be added snacks too. I’d push for the lined… anyday for your first uroplatus


Thank you for the info dude! That’s a great tip about the lineatus! :smiley:


I find them so much more underrated
but deffo a lot more bold that satanics too